Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the end of June, our 4-H Llama club participated in a show up in Noblesville for three days. Here are the kids from our club that attended. There are two that are missing who couldn't stay for the third day. Overall our 8 kids (of over the 100 kids that participated) did VERY well in the competitions. My two llamas are the two in the Middle Xancoo and Peach (they are brother and sister). Xanny took first in showman ship, second in PR, second in obstacles and fourth in pack. Very good showing for this being his second show. He has a very good handler this year. Peach got first in fleece.
We are now getting ready for our county fair and then after that will be the state fair and then we are done showing until next spring.

Here we have Peach and the daughter with the judge during Intermediate showmanship. There were over 30 kids in this division that they split it in two. I have a feeling the state fair will be huge as well this year. Peach is a good girl and this is her first year being shown and she is we think about three years old. She is very inquisitive and is so funny sometimes. She is self loading when it comes to the trailer meaning we don't have to halter and lead her to get her to go in. Not a lot of llamas will do that.
All three llamas and the three alpacas all have different personalities which is very fun sometimes and others not so much. Everyone asks the first time they meet one of them "they spit right?" or "I'm not getting near it cause I don't want to get spit on". As far as the spitting is concerned, they mostly spit at each other and it's mostly over food. However if you irritate one they will usually give you a warning before they give you a good spit. And, look out if you do get spit on because it is going to stink!
If you have a chance to visit your county or state fair check to see if they are having a llama show and go check it out. You will learn a lot and see some amazing animals.

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