Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Animalness

This week I have been helping the children work on their 4-H projects for the upcoming fairs that we are participating in. We have been going thorough all of the photos for the scrapbook and analysing images for the Photography poster and the boy has been taking pictures for his Llama project.
So while we were looking at all of the stuff we have crammed on the computer, I thought I would share some of our zoo with you....would any of you like to come and help scoop poop this weekend?
This is Ted the alpaca before we sheared him a few weeks ago. He just had a birthday on Sunday July 5. He's a good boy once you catch him and get a halter on him and he sings...a lot! Of all of our Lamas he is the talker of the bunch. *Lamas with one L is to include both the Llama and Alpaca family.

This is Snickers.
We got her last year when
she looked like the photo on the left (which is her at about 3 weeks old). She came from a farm where her mama had her in someones attic. The owners decided to evict mama and then found out she had babies. There were two of them and her sibling decided he would rather live in a tree and we couldn't get him down.
I picked snickers up and brought her home and we bottle fed her and she grew up and moved to the big house outside and accidentally met up with Scooter and this year Snickers became a mama herself.
She has four little ones that she is done with (meaning they are weaned). She is a really good mom and is still just as friendly as ever and will let you pick her up and carry her around still. She is also a thief so if you come for a visit leave your shiny stuff in the car because she will take it.

Here are part of the Lama gang and Marley. They were all very curious about each other. Our two femals were very concerned and tried to "mother" him over the fence. They all sniffed and inspected him but none of them ever tried to spit at him or scare him off in any way.

Here we have a reappearance of Virginia. This is a baby picture with Bo. She was such a cute little thing. She went through many "looks" as she grew from the mouse/rat
looking thing when we first found her to the
little hedgehog looking thing here to the possum look she has today.
The only thing that never really
changed was her tail and it seems to be

the one thing most people comment on when they meet her for the first time. That and all of her teeth when she yawns.
Bo was such a good "daddy" to all of the baby critters. Virgina used to climb all over him and he never minded a bit . Above we have her making the rounds through the house.
Well, that's it for today. Next up some Lama Love and maybe some cats and dogs.

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