Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little (or a lot) behind

If you notice the title of this post, this is the state of my life most of the time. Following is the second (and last) post from the old blog so as you can tell, I'm a little behind.

From late January or early February 2009.

So, pretend it's two weeks ago and I haven't skipped any days in this new blog adventure. I've been busy, how about you? In the last two weeks, I'v started a new job and three new projects, finished a couple old ones and day dreamed about catching up with all the nonsence in life. I even have a few pictures to show you but sadly I can't find the cable to my camera so I can get them out of the camera and I don't have a card reader that small in my computer AND the external card reader I have I can't find that either.

I can't find a lot of stuff lately and it could be because my office is a mess and when the husband cleans he just throws everything in a drawer or a box and shoves it somewhere to be discovered sometime in the future.

Currently, I'm going through all the crap from last year getting ready to go do our taxes. Sometimes I think I'd rather have root canal than do taxes. In any event we should have lots of fun this year since we are shopping for a new tax person. Someone who will do our farm expenses without a lot of hassel. So, on top of all the other stuff I'm hunting that...YEAH! Oh, and I almost forgot all the crap going on from a car accident two years ago. I hit a kid in his car but it was his fault, he turned in front of me (and it was witnessed by an on duty Indianapolis police officer). His insurance admitted fault but now they won't pay after they said they would. I am so angry and just want to stomp my foot everytime I think about it!

Anyway, I'm hoping I won't have to get a lawyer that I don't want and can't afford, but it's looking like that may have to be what happens. Someone told me today that my insurance company should go after them for me. I'm going to check into that. Anyway, gotta run for today as I have a meeting to get to - yet more fun and frolic ;-0)Later!

Welcome to my world

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Following is a post that I had back in January on a different blog that I started (and then promptly forgot about). I'm going to try my very best to keep up with this one as I'm sure there is plenty of riveting stuff out there that I know about and that you don't and you must know. So here is the first post from my last attempt at blogging. ENJOY!

Happy New Year...Almost
You know some folks are very diligent about sitting down and making their New Year's resolution list each year...me, not so much. But, I do like to have ONE thing that I plan to learn or accomplish each year, and this year is learning more about blogging (aren't we all lucky ). I've been reading them for years and I always say that I'm going to start one and I never do so this is my New Year's learning adventure for 2009. That and finishing the socks I'm teaching myself to knit from 2008.

So, the close of 2008 has been kinda sad for my family this year. On November 30th we lost our beloved bassett hound Bo. He was our challenging child as I'm sure all families have one. He liked to sneak out of the back yard under the fence every chance he got. My husband called it range wars. We would find his hole and plug it and he would find a new one within a day. Well, he got out and got hit by a car. We love you buddy and we miss you so much!

We hadn't yet recovered from Bo's death when our Alpaca Holly got sick.

She lost her baby in late October and about two weeks later she got really sick. We put her in the heated garage and nursed her for a week or so giving her antibiotics and keeping her warm. After a few days she wanted to go back out with everyone else so we put a coat on her and sent her back to the herd and kept an eye on her and she seemed to be better so we quit worring about her. Then on the 20th we found her in the barn sick again. We brought her back to the garage and nursed her for a couple days, called the vet and got stronger medicine and a day or so later she wanted to go back out so we let her and then on the 22nd she passed away. The vet was on his way but she died before he could get there.

This is Holly in full fleece last spring before we sheared herMy daughter showed her in 4-H and was devastated when she died as were we all.It was very sad last night when we got home from Christmas in Iowa and everyone came running to the fence to say "Hi" and there was no Holly. It will take us a very long time to get over her.
I'm going to send her fleece out to be processed and make something special for the daughter and hopefully myself.