Thursday, July 2, 2009

What About Bob?

Bob...or Cookie Bob...or Fluffy...or Little Bit all belong to this fellow. He was found by the neighbor kids in a sticker bush when he was about 3 maybe 4 weeks old (his eyes were still blue) with matted eyes. They called us to see if we would take him since their one son is allergic to cats. I said yes, we would take him (what's one more with the already 5 we had) and nurse him and clean him up BUT he could not stay forever.The little neighbor girl named him Fluffy which lasted until she left. We sat around that night trying to come up with a name and then my daughter said what about Cookie and so Cookie it was. At this point we had no idea what sex it was (because I can NEVER tell when they are that little which is why we have a female named Fred). When we finally figured out it was a boy my son said that Cookie was a girls name and he was going to call him Bob. So Cookie is now Bob or Cookie Bob to some.
Well Bob hung around for about 5 weeks as we did find someone to take him and give him a home. While he was with us though, he was a favorite chew toy for the basset puppy Daisy and a great little play mate for Little Bear the raccoon. Once Bob went to his new home, Little Bear became just that...a Bear and rebellious because her best friend was gone. Daisy has since found other things to chew on (mostly shoes and dirty laundry).

Here we have Little Bear and Bob tussling and carrying on and generally having a good time.
So that is the story of Bob.
And if you need a good movie to watch this forth of July weekend why not watch What About Bob with Bill Murry and Richard Dreyfuss - great movie and very funny...kinda like Bob the cat.

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