Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Been A While (69 Days To Be Exact)

So sorry it has been so long, been really busy!

When last we met, I mentioned that we had the county and state fair coming up. They both came and went in a blur.

The Daughter and Peach did very well in the county fair and came out of the State Fair with an 8th place finish in PR. All in all, they had a very good year considering this was their first year working together and this was the first year that Peach had EVER been worked with. We have a parade this weekend and then we are done until next spring when we start back up and get ready for the Kentuckiana show in April.

This is Wyatt Erp (my God Llama)...he is an awesome Llama that a friend rescued from the humane society last November. Since my friend didn't have a way to transport him, I went and got him for her and delivered him to her place. He had some issues. When we got him, he was under weight, had knarly nails (which he still has, but we are working on them), and really rough fleece. But, he had an awesome personality! Once we got him in the trailer (one of us pulling and one of us pushing - he isn't a big fan of the trailer) and "home", we started giving him lots of TLC and he has put on weight, we are getting his nails straightend out and after we got him sheared and cleaned up, we found he had some nice fleece start to come back in. Well, since last November Wyatt has lost his new home, but found a new one. Again, I had the duty of taking him to his new (and I hope forever) home.

It's time for a nap! The day I was out taking these images he kept yawning. He finally went and laid down to take a nap.

Here are my babies Pactrick (laying down) and Jack (standing). They are down with Wyatt for the time being until we can find a new place to live. They love it where they are at...lots of grass to roll around in and eat!
And, on a sad note, Virgina got out of her house outside and is missing. If you see a sloth possum out sauntering around who likes chocolate icecream and cookies, let us know! We miss her a LOT!

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  1. No wonder it's been awhile; you are very busy! This is my first visit to your blog and I had to read backwards for several pages. Loved seeing and reading about the animals. My grandparents had guineas. I sure do miss them. They are noisy, but I like to hear them.