Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Soldier Boy!

My baby turns 8 today! I can hardly believe it. I remember the day he was born.
I had a doctors appointment and he was overdue. We made the decision to induce the next day and while I was standing with the nurse to make the appointment my water broke. I told her either my water broke or I just wet my pants. She said well now lets just go back in and have a look see and then decide what to do with you.

Sure enough my water had broken and they sent me straight to the hospital. I had the girl child with me and the dad person was on the road in Maryland. I was making frantic phone calls to who ever I could reach at the time...the girl child's dad - who came to the hospital to retreive her, my mom who then took over trying to reach the dad person - she was in Iowa, I'm in Indiana, he's somewhere in Maryland. All very exciting stuff. This all happened between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.

I did manage to drive myself to the hospital and when we got there I had a flat tire. The girl child's dad took care of that for me too.

I got checked in and put in a room and there I sat having very mild contractions that were really close. The nurse kept coming in to "check" to see if we needed to call the doctor in yet and nope, it wasn't time yet. About 9:00 pm she said it was time and the doctor arrived about 9:30 and the boy was born at 9:50.

I remember I was starving after he was born and the cafateria was closed and the nurse found a turkey tv dinner in the freezer so that is what I had to eat.

Here he is in his digital camos that I got him for his birthday. He was so excited with them that he wore them to school today. He wants to grow up and go into the air force and fly F22 Raptors.

I better not blink or that day will be tomorrow. I hate that my babies are growing up!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Projects Projects and More Projects

I know Christmas has come and gone, but as we all know, I am behind...These are some of the ornaments I made this year for co-workers and friends. They are free standing lace made on the embroidery machine and then I added the bead work. They are really pretty hanging on the tree with the lights. I'm not exactly sure how many I ended up making this year but I had 6 boxes of bulbs in four different colors most of the boxes had either 8 or 12 bulbs. I still have a few left so if you want the math challenge, knock yourself out.
In and amongst the ornaments, I was also making door prizes and auction items for two different 4-H awards dinners.
Every year I make a free standing lace bowl with the 4-H logo and fill it with candy for a door prize and since my kids are in 4-H in two different counties, we have two dinners and I make a bowl for each. The pink bowl was made for an auction item. All the money from the auction goes into 4-H scholarships.
I've been busy since Christmas making rugs (and curtains) - sadly no pictures yet. I just finished a rug for the boy in his favorite colors of blue and orange. He wants to put it in front of his bed in his new room when (if) we ever get a house to live in. The goal at the moment is to have something in place by the end for the school year. If we don't, we can't stay where we are (in the county, in the current schools etc.). I am really fighting moving back to Indy because I don't want to go back into apartment living and give up the animals. BUT there is nothing affordable with land to rent in the county where we are.
We looked at another house on Wednesday and everyone loves it. However there is a pending offer and we are waiting to hear if their financing went through or not. The kids are hoping not (not in a mean way but you know) so that we can make an offer and our funding is almost in place.
Anyway, back to some more finished projects.
I made this (Free Standing Lace) bowl for the boys teacher for Halloween. All 5 sides have a different ghost on it, and I made these little ghosts for his classmates (and some of my co-workers). There is a tootsie Pop inside each one. Everyone at work thought they were hilarious! I thought they were pretty cute too and were pretty fast to sew out and do.
For Thanksgiving, I made a bunch of Turkeys and pumpkins that were centerpieces for our Boy Scout Thanksgiving dinner. They also ended up being door prizes to one lucky person at each table. I also made a "grand" prize turkey for one lucky person.
All the boys took one of their den meetings to make place setting
turkeys for each guest in their family who would be attending our little shindig. They are made of Oreo cookies, candy corn, malt balls, mini reese peanut butter cuts and all held together with frosting. They were so fun to make and the boys got to eat the broken pieces. I think they broke the cookies on purpose just so they could eat them.

I have more finished project to share but not today. I best go get something done and get ready for our game overnight tonight.