Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Virginia

Hope you all had a Great 4th! It poured rain and all the fireworks were cancelled or rescheduled until Sunday around here.

Ok, this isn't something you see everyday in your bed...unless of course you live in my house then you might.

This is Virginia (AKA Ginia or Ginny). Yes, she is a possum who thinks she is a Cat. She eats with them and sometimes naps with them if her bed is out to be washed.
They (the cats) try to in turn "play" with her but she doesn't play. She saunters through the house with a cat trying to play with her tail and she just goes on. Her tail does come in handy though as the kids use it as her handle to pick her up by.

She "can" hang by her tail but she doesn't like it (I think it givers her vertigo) as she trys to grab at whatever she can to right herself.
During the day she can usually be found either under a chair in the living room or behind the bed in my room or maybe wrapped up in a blanket left lying on the floor. At night she wanders around the house and may wake you up with her VERY cold nose in your ear unless someone happens to think to find her and put her in her cage for the night.
She's coming up on her first birthday (or maybe it has passed - they are so small when they are born it was hard to guess how old she really was when we found her). We found her last Summer in August right after her mama had been hit by a car. She was sooooo tiny! We think she may have been riding on mama's back when she was hit and Virgina was thrown - just guessing of course. We bottle fed her for a couple of months and then got her weened to cat food and now she eats cat food and has a sweet tooth for cookies and suckers and anything else she can find to get into. She also uses the cat litter box (most of the time).
She's a really good "cat" and she doesn't give you any lip like the other cats do and she is a pretty good conversation piece as well.
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