Monday, December 21, 2009

BUSY (and then some)

It seems I can't be trusted to update here on a regular basis. Sorry...been really busy!
Halloween came and went, Thanksgiving came and went and here in just four days we have Christmas! My, where does the time go?
Normally this time of year between the middle of October to the middle of December I am knee deep in making ornaments for various organizations (my girl scout troop started 8 years ago makeing ornaments for the BC TRIAD and it grew from there). Last year we made over 1,000 ornaments that were divided up between a few organizations with the majority going over seas to Afghanistan and Iraq with Hoosiers Helping Our Troops. This year because of the BIG D and the organizer of HHOT in Hospice and the working of two jobs and raisng two kids and trying to stay sane in the midst of it all I just flat out didn't have the time to devote to the full out ornament project this year. Maybe next year. I really enjoy the project and the kids (the girl scouts, boy scouts and 4-H) that I work with really like the project to (however by the time it is over they are all sick of it). It is really great when we get a thank you note and the kids (my son especially) love the notes that come from the soldiers and I think the notes help them understand a little bit more what the project and thier time mean to other people. The cub scouts did manage to make about 100 ornaments this year and they went to the TRIAD who put them in the gift boxes to needy families in the county.
I've also been busy with all the shopping and making for Christmas. I have a few co-workers left for tomorrow and then all the work folks are done. The package going to my family is leaving today. We can't go to Iowa for Christmas this year because of the BIG D and what I had to do to keep my son safe and hopefully that will be over soon and we can make the trip.
Lots of other stuff going on and I will try to get here to update. I have lots of pictures to share and other news.
Gota run and get to the post office.

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