Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Sad Little House

So the kids and I are needing a place to move to. Jack (my hay guy) told me about a farm house just up the road from him that the family had lost. I didn't think to much about it and asked a realator friend to check it out not really thinking I could afford "a farm" but what would it hurt to at least check it out?
Well, we went yesterday to check it out and it was sad. The price is right (more than right), but the house "needs work". As in it needs all new wiring, plumbing, a roof, gutters, sheetrock, doors and windows. The foundation is sound and the flooring is in good shape it's just everything else.
We really want to keep our animals and we could if we got this property 7+ acres, with a partial barn.
Luckily I have friends who can help guide me and give me the straight scoop as to whether we gut the house and fix it up (which I can see the potential in my head - but sometimes my head is a very scary place), or if we tear it down and move something else in.
It would be so very cool if I could get my kids a house for Christmas.
Gotta go and get my plants watered and everything else gathered up to get ready for the big eve party. I also should probably finish the couple of gifts too.

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  1. wow,if it's 7+ acres and has a partial barn... Yeah, a contractor could advise you about the foundation. MY BIL is a contractor and my inlaws bought a house once, that looked like it needed to be condemned, at BIL's recommendation and now you should see how nice it is. Mike and I live in an RV with a sunroom built on it by BIL.