Friday, April 2, 2010

The Princess Has A Birthday

So today the Princess turns 14!  Yes, I begin and end my week with my children turning another year older.
Here she is with Holly her alpaca (who sadly passed away a year ago this past December ;-0( )  Holly was a real character, she liked to compete in the PR events during the fair because she liked to dress up and show off.  She did not like showmanship because it was boring.  She did like obstacles because she got to run and jump over things, she tolerated pack class and liked the water hazard the best because she could lay down in it.  We miss her a lot.
Anyway, 14 years ago today I was lounging around St. Vincent hospital waiting for the Princess (or Lula Bell as I call her) to make her appearance.  She DID NOT want to be born!  She was born on a Tuesday evening (almost Wednesday) and I had been induced with her the day before at 9:00 AM.  Yes, she took her sweet time!
My parents came from Iowa to be with me and my friend Beth was there too and everyone kept coming in to entertain me for the day.  The doctors and nurses kept coming in to see how things were moving along, and they weren't.  At one point, they said that they needed to make a decision because she was in distress (this freaked me out).  I guess that was the motivation she needed because things started to progress a little faster after that.  It was still several hours before she was actually here I think total of 38 hours from the time they started to induce until she finally made it out.  Can you say STUBORN?  Not much has changed and I have NO IDEA where she gets it from - must be from her dad's side of the family ;-0)

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