Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the Snow Keeps Coming (And Happy Belated Valentines Day)

So we've had a lot of snow the last couple of weeks and getting to work has been interesting - more so than usual. The kids have been out of school the last two days and two days last week so it's looking like the school year will be getting longer.
We've got so much snow that we were able to go snowmobiling yesterday (for a very short time - because my new career as a snowmobiler came to a crashing end).
Here the boy and I are getting ready to take off - we didn't come back the way we left. While we were trying to turn around, I got caught in a snow bank and slid and ended up tipping us over into the guide lines of the power pole. Nice! The boy was screaming - I thought he was really hurt - he wasn't, but he milked it for all it was worth. We had a miraculous healing this morning I'm told. Anyway, needless to say we were done with the fun for the day ;-(

The daughter and I did come back (all before the unfortunate end to my new career). We had a lot of fun while it lasted.
It reminded me of my childhood in Iowa and our neighbors had snowmobiles and they used to take us out on them.

Last Friday between the snow storms, we had a Llama Club meeting. We cleaned up the barn a bit and then took some of the Girls out for a walk. Three of the four we took are pregnant and I think are due at the end of April through about June.

We have the girl and boy child in front walking Alexis and Melody.
At right we have the boy child and Melody. We think that one of ours (Sid) is with cria as well but I don't know for sure as she isn't showing the "normal" signs (spitting at the males) but she has become very affectionate which I'm told she does when she is pregnanat. She has also put on some weight so it's either she is pregnant or just fat. I'm hoping for pregnant because I really want a baby and if she is my best guess is she will be due in some time this summer. We are also planning to breed Peach this spring as well for next spring so one way or another I'll get my crias. We may test Sid with Paso this spring as well just to be sure.
Before I go for today, Happy Belated Valentines Day! I worked for a little bit on Sunday - the pizza business doesn't stop and we had a V-day promo going and then the kids went skating with the church. My boss gave me a small box of chocolates because he said I didn't have a valentine this year because of my "situation" (that's what he is calling the divorce - a situation). I didn't tell him that even though I had been married for over 9 years I only got something for valentiene's day one time in 2006. I got Jack my alpaca and a dozen roses. I just accepted his candy and sat in my office and cried. Then I went rollar skating with the kids.

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